Umpqua Valley Wine Tasting Room

The Umpqua Valley Wine Tasting Room was conceived as a way to bring wines made in that rural valley to a broader audience, especially visitors that come to Jacksonville from other parts of Oregon and the US.  It is a joint effort of Bradley Vineyards and River's Edge, both Umpqua Valley wineries located near the tiny river town of Elkton on the banks of the Umpqua.  Both wineries specialize in pinot noir, the red wine grape of Burgundy, because the climate of the Umpqua Valley around Elkton is ideal for that varietal.  The climate around Jacksonville and the Rogue River Valley is much warmer and is more suited to producing warm weather varietals such as cabernet sauvignon, merlot, and syrah.  With the establishment of this new tasting room, visitors to Jacksonville who are aware of Oregon's reputation for producing extraordinary pinot noir will be offered the opportunity to taste that wine from one of Oregon's premier pinot noir producing regions.

Along with pinot noir, the Tasting Room will also offer wines made from varietals which, like pinot noir, thrive in the cool marine-influenced climate of the northwest corner of the Umpqua Valley. These include Pinot Gris, gewurztraminer, and riesling. Pinot Gris is very closely related to pinot noir and thrives in similar conditions. Gewurztraminer and Riesling are famous in the cool weather regions of northeast France and Southwestern Germany, and thus make excellent wines when grown in the Umpqua Valley. Because of the dramatic change in climactic conditions that occurs going north to south in the Umpqua Valley, the southern part of the valley is much warmer and is suitable for production of warm weather varietals. The Tasting Room will also offer a limited selection of carefully selected red wines from the southern part of the Umpqua Valley.           

Welcome to our tasting room in Jacksonville, Or


Thursday, Friday  Saturday 11-6pm

Sunday 11am to 5pm


220 E. California Street